Get you freeticket for the USA! The Digital get-together of Deep-Driving and Computer Vision experts on Level 5 Automation


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The Digital get-together of Deep-Driving and Computer Vision experts on Level 5 Automation

Berlin, April 20, 2020 – From OEMs to Tier 1s, from leading research institutes to the most promising start-ups, from AI, sensor, radar and perception experts to automated driving, deep learning and computer vision executives. Whatever hat you wear or wherever you stand on the spectrum of AI in automated and cognitive vehicles, ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI USA has something of interest for you.

ScaleUp 360° offers you the unique opportunity to position your business in front of leading machine learning & perception technology experts. Maximize your time with your target audience and generate new business prospects as a part of ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI USA. Do you have a solution or product and want to showcase in front of active buyers? As a partner of ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI USA, you will present your services to over 150 decision makers with budget responsibility – directly from your desk. Use the innovative virtual conference format for live demonstrations or case studies to present your expertise to an exclusive community of business stakeholders. Join ScaleUp 360° as a partner to explore specific market verticals, market your products, gain new leads and promote your brand to your target audience.

ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI USA will take place this November 10 – 11, 2020 with over 150 stakeholders playing an active role in the system safety scene, joining 12 webinars over 2 days – directly from their desks.

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ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI USA – Key Topics:

Key Topics:

-Insights of AI to increase testing coverage of AVs – how to validate data using qualitative approaches
-Perception-driven machine learning for AD/ADAS systems – developing benchmarks for camera- & Lidar-related perception
-Reinforcement learning for vehicular path planning – how to make use of deep learning for AVs
-Automotive camera technology and computer vision algorithms – how to turn cameras into primary sensors for object recognition and
classification, localization, decision making, trajectory planning, and vehicle control
-Ensuring safety of self-driving cars – how to prove that AI systems and vehicles as a whole fulfill all safety goals
-Behavior learning for AVs – how cars can learn from real world human driving behavior
-Open and modular verification & validation – how to manage rapidly changing test requirements
-Data processing and AI – how to develop software architectures and overcome hardware challenges
-Path planning and object recognition with AI – how to include deep learning in the mix of computer vision approaches

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